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2016 KGA Amateur Series | Seniors - Net

RankPlayerCityNumber of EventsTotal Points
1 Medley, Tim Union4244.50
2 Gosnell, Mike Louisville3219.50
3 Backlund, Gary Mt Sterling5193.00
4 Wuellner, Curtis Hebron6132.75
T5 Lepping, John Louisville2112.75
T5 Marley, Max Bowling Green4112.75
7 Turner, Greg Alexandria3109.75
8 Humphrey, Steve Lexington468.00
9 Grider, Greg Russell Springs465.00
10 Lester, Terry Frankfort559.00
T11 Smith, Michael Louisville446.00
T11 Williams, Ed Gex Carrollton446.00
13 Hill, Mr Christopher Danville441.00
14 Pottinger Pottinger, Scott Louisville539.00
15 Belcher, Johnny Glasgow328.00
16 Duncan, Chris Crestwood225.00
T17 Harper, Phillip Falmouth323.00
T17 Kirchner, Kenneth Bradenton323.00
T17 Hansel, Scott Independence523.00
20 Boyle, Silas Louisville222.00
21 Reddick, Tom Bardstown420.00
T22 Bates, Kenny Louisville319.00
T22 Mefford, Randy Carrollton319.00
24 Moore, Rick London216.00
T25 Shrout, David Richmond115.00
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