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Tanglewood Park Golf Club
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Playoffs / Match Play
Semifinal October 24, 2018 at Crossings Golf Club
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Round: Semifinal - October 24, 2018   Play Date: October 24, 2018
Away Team: Tanglewood Park Golf Club   Home Team: Crossings Golf Club
Course: Pine Needles Senior Interclub Finals   Tee: 68.4/119
Tanglewood Park Golf Club Crossings Golf Club
Away Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts. Home Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.
Birrittieri, T. / Cornish, B.       Brunson, K. / Radulovich, M.    
Away Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.Home Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.
Robson, M. / Edenfield, G.       Coombs, R. / Cline, E.    
Away Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.Home Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.
Vanderlip, A. / Hartson, M.       Green, L. / Rotunno, T.    
Away Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.Home Team/PlayerH.I.C.H.ScorePts.
Williams, J. / Banks, M.       Salt, A. / Ryan, D.    
Tanglewood Park Golf Club Total Points:0 Crossings Golf Club Total Points:0
Tanglewood Park Golf Club Total Team Points:0 Crossings Golf Club Total Team Points:0