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2017 SDGA Father & Son
Host: Links at Erie Village

Dates: June 17

Entry Fee: $110 Per Team

Entry Deadline: Tuesday, June 13 (5pm)


Entry is limited to teams comprised of at least one player who enjoys membership privileges at a club belonging to the SDGA or has joined the SDGA as a 2016 Associate Member ($100 membership fee). Both entrants on a team must be a male amateur golfer. For a complete list of SDGA member clubs and information of the Associate Membership program, please visit www.syracusegolf.org.

A father can register to play with more than one son, with the fee set at $55 per person.


Entry Deadline

All entries must be received by the SDGA offices by 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 13. Entry forms will not be accepted if they are late, incomplete, faxed, emailed, or sent without full payment.


The USGA's "Rules of Golf" and any Local Rules/Conditions of Competition adopted by the SDGA will govern play.


The SDGA Father & Son tournament is played as a two-person scramble. There are two divisions, which a team must select: scratch and callaway handicap.


Schedule of Events

Listed below is the tentative schedule of events for this tournament. When more information is available we will update this page.


Saturday, June 17 // 1:00pm shotgun

Meals Included

A lunch, which is scheduled to begin at 12:00pm, is included with this tournament's entry fee.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are available for an additional $15 per player (not included in the entry fee).


Tournament Chair

Terry Langan