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Tournament Pairing Program Online
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Participant List
#NameCity, StateClub Name
1Callahan, C. / Andrews, A.  
 Callahan, ChrisEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
 Andrews, AnthonyEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
2Reid, T. / Hawkins, B.  
 Reid, ToddGreenville, SCPickens Country Club
 Hawkins, BradPickens, SCPickens C.C.
3Cottingham, D. / Hightower, W.  
 Cottingham, DougHopkins, SCColumbia Country Club
 Hightower, WillSummerville, SCBerkeley Country Club
4Nance, D. / Ramey, D.  
 Nance, DeanGreenville, South CarolinaMusgrove Mill Golf Club
 Ramey, DougGreer, SCMusgrove Mill Golf Club
5Edwards, D. / Horne, G.  
 Edwards, DougEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
 Horne, GregEasley, SCBrookstone Meadows Golf Club
6Nord, E. / Bellon, M.  
 Nord, EricBlythewood, SCCobblestone Park Golf Club
 Bellon, MikeColumbia, SCFt. Jackson Golf Club
7Hargett, E. / Hargett, C.  
 Hargett, EddieBlythewood, SCColumbia Country Club
 Hargett, ColeBlythewood, SCColumbia Country Club
8Lee, B. / Asay, J.  
 Lee, BrianBlythewood, SCColumbia Country Club
 Asay Jr, JohnColumbia, ScColumbia Country Club
9Hyder, W. / Torres, M.  
 Hyder, WadeGreenville , SCSmithfields Country Club
 Torres, MarkMauldin, SCFox Run Country Club
10Sims, M. / Hendrix, M.  
 Sims, MichaelLexington, SCCountry Club of Lexington
 Hendrix, MattGreenville, SCCarolinas Eclub Upstate
11Wagner, D. / Willis, T.  
 Wagner, DuffTaylors, SCThornblade Club
 Willis, TerryGreenville, South CarolinaThornblade Club
12Harden, W. / Ferrell, G.  
 Harden, WesleyGreenville, SCGreenville Country Club
 Ferrell, GarlandGreenville, SCGreenville Country Club
13Kirven, S. / Carter, K.  
 Kirven, StephenTaylors, SCPebble Creek Club
 Carter, KenTaylors, SCPebble Creek Club
14Faulkner, J. / Ridley, J.  
 Faulkner, JamesSimpsonville, South CarolinaHolly Tree Country Club
 Ridley, JoshOrangeburg, SCOrangeburg Country Club
15Sloan, D. / Draffin, J.  
 Sloan, DanielGreenville, South CarolinaCarolinas Eclub Upstate
 Draffin, JayColumbia, SCForest Lake Club
16Smith, S. / Kennedy, B.  
 Smith, ScottSpartanburg, SCThree Pines Country Club
 Kennedy, BrianWoodruff, SCThree Pines Country Club
17Campbell, S. / Hawkins, R.  
 Campbell, ScottEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
 Hawkins, RickEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
18Whitehead, T. / Jennings, D.  
 Whitehead, ToddSpartanburg, SCCarolina Country Club
 Jennings, DyarSpartanburg, SCCarolina Country Club
19Eller, J. / Crowe, G.  
 Eller, JoelEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
 Crowe, GregEasley, SCSmithfields Country Club
20Burgess, R. / Fain, M.  
 Burgess Jr, RichardSpartanburg, SCCarolina Country Club
 Fain, MaxBoiling Springs, SCCarolina Country Club
21Talley, M. / Ryan, J.  
 Talley, MattRoebuck, SCCarolina Country Club
 Ryan, JeremySpartanburg, SCCarolina Country Club
22Leopard, K. / Gosnell, J.  
 Leopard, KenSpartanburg, SCCarolina Country Club
 Gosnell, JasonSpartanburg, SCCarolina Country Club
23Franks, D. / Steele, S.  
 Franks, DavidGaffney, SCCherokee National Country Club
 Steele, StephenGaffney, SCCherokee National Country Club
24Werner, T. / Schwab, T.  
 Werner, TreySimpsonville, SCHolly Tree Country Club
 Schwab, TimothySimpsonville, SCHolly Tree Country Club
25Merritt, T. / Lackey, D.  
 Merritt, TrippEasley, SCSouthern Oaks Golf Club
 Lackey, DavidWilliamston, SCSmithfields Country Club
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Waiting List / Pending Queue
#NameCity, StateClub Name
1Mitchell, C. / Bland, C.  
 Mitchell, ChrisProsperity, SCNorthwoods GC
 Bland, ChuckMid Carolina CC
2Fleming, B. / Conway, P.  
 Fleming, BruceMount Pleasant, SCSnee Farm Country Club
 Conway, PaulDaniel Island, SCDaniel Island Club
3Babcock, B. / Richardson, G.  
 Babcock, BlairColumbia, SCCarolinas Eclub Midlands
 Richardson, GeorgeColumbia, SCThe Members Club
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