Tournament Pairing Program Scoring
Playoffs - 2012 SCGA Saturday Team Play
Round Robin Results
Playoffs7891011Total WinLossTieWin Pct. Overall Points
Fullerton Mens Golf Club2928313030148   5001.000   10
Red Hill Country Club2636322818140   4100.800   8
Bear Creek Golf Club30272818103   3100.750   6
Sundale Country Club30242820102   2110.625   5
Spring Valley Lake CC36322088   2100.667   4
Balboa Park Mens Golf Club32291778   2100.667   4
Braemar Country Club25252070   2100.667   4
Industry Hills Golf Club27261669   2100.667   4
Brookside Mens Golf Club - Cardinal342458   1010.750   3
Rancho Park Golf Club332255   1100.500   2
La Purisima Mens Golf Club252348   1100.500   2
Diamond Valley Golf Club271643   1100.500   2
Coto De Caza G & R Club291241   1100.500   2
Eagle Glen Golf Club312152   1100.500   2
San Luis Rey Downs Golf Club361955   1100.500   2
Encinitas Ranch Golf Course242044   0110.250   1
La Costa Resort & Spa2424   0010.500   1
Candlewood Country Club2121   0100.000   0
Green Tree Golf Course1212   0100.000   0
Marshallia Ranch Golf Course2323   0100.000   0
Montecito Country Club2323   0100.000   0
Canyon Crest Golf Club1818   0100.000   0
San Vicente Golf Club1616   0100.000   0
Mountain Meadows Mens Club1717   0100.000   0
Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Club2121   0100.000   0
Crystalaire Country Club1414   0100.000   0
Steele Canyon Golf Club1212   0100.000   0
Seacliff Country Club1919   0100.000   0
Mesa Verde Country Club2222   0100.000   0
Lakewood Men's Golf Club1515   0100.000   0
Rio Bravo Country Club1818   0100.000   0
Anaheim Golf Association1919   0100.000   0
Schedule / Results
Round of 32 - March 17, 2012
Pts.Away TeamHome TeamPts.Play Date
23Marshallia Ranch Golf CourseLa Purisima Mens Golf Club253/17/2012
23Montecito Country ClubBraemar Country Club253/24/2012
18Rio Bravo Country ClubSundale Country Club303/17/2012
14Crystalaire Country ClubBrookside Mens Golf Club - Cardinal343/17/2012
22Mesa Verde Country ClubRed Hill Country Club263/24/2012
29Coto De Caza G & R ClubSeacliff Country Club19 
27Industry Hills Golf ClubCandlewood Country Club21 
33Rancho Park Golf ClubLakewood Men's Golf Club153/17/2012
12Green Tree Golf CourseSpring Valley Lake CC363/17/2012
27Diamond Valley Golf ClubMoreno Valley Ranch Golf Club213/17/2012
18Canyon Crest Golf ClubBear Creek Golf Club303/17/2012
31Eagle Glen Golf ClubMountain Meadows Mens Club17 
19Anaheim Golf AssociationFullerton Mens Golf Club29 
24La Costa Resort & SpaEncinitas Ranch Golf Course24 
12Steele Canyon Golf ClubSan Luis Rey Downs Golf Club36 
32Balboa Park Mens Golf ClubSan Vicente Golf Club16 
Round of 16 - March 24, 2012
Pts.Away TeamHome TeamPts.Play Date
23La Purisima Mens Golf ClubBraemar Country Club253/31/2012
24Brookside Mens Golf Club - CardinalSundale Country Club243/25/2012
36Red Hill Country ClubCoto De Caza G & R Club12 
22Rancho Park Golf ClubIndustry Hills Golf Club26 
32Spring Valley Lake CCDiamond Valley Golf Club16 
21Eagle Glen Golf ClubBear Creek Golf Club273/24/2012
28Fullerton Mens Golf ClubEncinitas Ranch Golf Course20 
29Balboa Park Mens Golf ClubSan Luis Rey Downs Golf Club19 
Quarterfinal - March 31, 2012
Pts.Away TeamHome TeamPts.Play Date
28Sundale Country ClubBraemar Country Club20 
32Red Hill Country ClubIndustry Hills Golf Club16 
28Bear Creek Golf ClubSpring Valley Lake CC20 
31Fullerton Mens Golf ClubBalboa Park Mens Golf Club17 
Semifinal - April 7, 2012
Pts.Away TeamHome TeamPts.Play Date
20Sundale Country ClubRed Hill Country Club28 
30Fullerton Mens Golf ClubBear Creek Golf Club184/14/2012
Final - April 21, 2012
Pts.Away TeamHome TeamPts.Play Date
30Fullerton Mens Golf ClubRed Hill Country Club18