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Credit Card Registration for NNGA Events

You are registering for the 2017 Silver Oak 2 Man on May 20, 2017 at Silver Oak Golf Course
The NNGA does not have access to or store any of the information in our computers.

REFUND POLICY:  72 hours or less from the first tee time scheduled for the event. No Refund.  72 Hours or more refunds will be subject to a $5.00 fee.  Players will have the ability to withdraw online.

How to withdraw online:
Go to the sign up and login, click on the left hand side under "events registered for'. There you will see a list of events you are entered into.  You will also see in red the word withdraw.  Click on that and you are done.  You credit card will be credited within a couple of business days.  If you paid by check you will receive a check in the mail 7 to 10 days.  There is a $5 handling fee for withdraws.


It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met. The NNGA will attempt to notify players failing to meet any eligibility requirements prior to the close of entry. Any player failing to meet any one of the eligibility standards will not be allowed to participate in the tournament and will not receive a refund..  Players with questions regarding their eligibility status should contact the NNGA prior to the entry deadline date.

Division Selection
Participant List
NameCity, StateClub Name
Carden, S. / Marquiz, M.  
Carden, ScottSparks, NVRed Hawk GC
Marquiz, MichaelReno, NVSierra Sage GC
Carmona, J. / Parapid, M.  
Carmona, JoeCarson City, Nv.Silver Oak GC
Parapid, MichaelCarson City, NVSilver Oak GC
Davis, M. / Ness, M.  
Davis, MikeGardnerville, NVCarson Valley GC
Ness, MelvinMinden, NVCarson Valley GC
Estrada, A. / Duenas, W.  
Estrada, ArturoReno, NVRed Hawk GC
Duenas, WilliamSparks, NVSierra Sage GC
Fraser, B. / Hines, T.  
Fraser, BillYerington, NVCarson Valley GC
Hines, TimYerington, NVSilver Oak GC
Hatlestad, G. / Wall, L.  
Hatlestad, GaryReno, NVWildcreek GC
Wall, LarryCarnelian Bay, CAWildcreek GC
Hedges, D. / Hedges, B.  
Hedges, DanFallon, NevadaFallon GC
Hedges, BillReno, NVReno Mens GC
Hines, R. / Benninghove, S.  
Hines, RandyFallon, NVFallon GC
Benninghove, ShaunFallon, NVFallon GC
Hughes, K. / Mack, V.  
Hughes, KevinCarson City, NVEagle Valley GC
Mack, VinceCarson City, NVEmpire Ranch GC
James, C. / Saunders, A.  
James, ChickCarson City, NVEagle Valley GC
Saunders, AlanCarson City, NVEagle Valley GC
Johnson, K. / Beauchman, M.  
Johnson, KevinCarson City, NvSilver Oak GC
Beauchman, MiloWashoe Valley, NVSilver Oak GC
Kastor, P. / Lynch, B.  
Kastor, PaulReno, NVReno Men's GC
Lynch, BlaineReno, NVReno Men's Golf Club
Krueger, J. / Goshert, S.  
Krueger, JasonCarson City, NvEagle Valley GC
Goshert, SeanCarson City, NVDayton Valley CC
Lyons, D. / Buckholz, J.  
Lyons, DanWashoe Valley, NVHidden Valley CC
Buckholz, JasonReno, NvWolf Run GC
Mackedon, L. / Gehman, K.  
Mackedon, LemFallon, NVFallon GC
Gehman, KevinFallon, NVFallon GC
Matzen, D. / Larsen, D.  
Matzen, DaveFallon, NVFallon GC
Larsen, DeeFallon, NVFallon GC
McIntyre, S. / Delreal, J.  
McIntyre, SteveCarson City, NVEagle Valley GC
Delreal, JoseCarson City, NVEagle Valley GC
Nance, T. / Behrens, D.  
Nance, TomReno, NvReno Mens GC
Behrens, DavidSparks, NVReno Men's Golf Club
Osborne, S. / Osborne, C.  
Osborne II, StephenReno, NVReno Carson Golf Club
Osborne, CharlesReno, NVReno Carson GC
Percivalle, R. / Allen, G.  
Percivalle, RonReno, NVEagle Valley GC
Allen, GordonCarson City, NvEagle Valley GC
Poe, C. / Serafine, C.  
Poe Poe, CharlesMinden, NevadaGenoa Lakes Golf Club
Serafine, CharlesGardnerville, NVCarson Valley GC
Premo, B. / Chong, G.  
Premo, BillReno, NVFernley GC
Chong, GaryReno, NVToiyabe GC
Richardson, C. / Okane, N.  
Richardson, CollinReno, NVHidden Valley CC
Okane, NeilReno, NVSomersett CC
Schmid, R. / Maestretti, L.  
Schmid, RudyCarson City, NVEagle Valley GC
Maestretti, LaneMinden, NVEagle Valley GC
Smeltzer, D. / Rowland, D.  
Smeltzer, DouglasReno, NVSierra Sage GC
Rowland, DarwinReno, NVSierra Sage GC
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