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Credit Card Registration for NNGA Events

You are registering for the 2017 Two Man Spring Senior on May 12 - 14, 2017 at Ruby View Golf Club
The NNGA does not have access to or store any of the information in our computers.

REFUND POLICY:  72 hours or less from the first tee time scheduled for the event. No Refund.  72 Hours or more refunds will be subject to a $5.00 fee.  Players will have the ability to withdraw online.

How to withdraw online:
Go to the sign up and login, click on the left hand side under "events registered for'. There you will see a list of events you are entered into.  You will also see in red the word withdraw.  Click on that and you are done.  You credit card will be credited within a couple of business days.  If you paid by check you will receive a check in the mail 7 to 10 days.  There is a $5 handling fee for withdraws.


It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met. The NNGA will attempt to notify players failing to meet any eligibility requirements prior to the close of entry. Any player failing to meet any one of the eligibility standards will not be allowed to participate in the tournament and will not receive a refund..  Players with questions regarding their eligibility status should contact the NNGA prior to the entry deadline date.

Participant List
NameCity, StateClub Name
Buford, D. / Umscheid, R.  
Buford, DavidElko, NevadaSpring Creek Golf Club
Umscheid, RicSpring Creek, NVSpring Creek GC
Bunch, M. / EnEarl, J.  
Bunch, MaxBattle Mountain, NVMountain View Golf Club
EnEarl, JimMinden, NVCarson Valley GC
Carlos, J. / Engel, E.  
Carlos, JoeHawthorne, NVWalker Lake Golf Association
Engel, EdHawthorne, NVWalker Lake GC
Caskie, R. / Gilbert, J.  
Caskie, RobertGraeagle, CAGraeagle GC
Gilbert, JackGraeagle, CAGraeagle GC
Corda, T. / Whitt, G.  
Corda, TonyCarson City, NevadaEagle Valley Mens Club
Whitt, GregoryCarson City, NVEagle Valley Mens Club
Dicianno, D. / Ventura, J.  
Dicianno, DinoCarson City, NVEmpire Ranch GC
Ventura, JerryStagecoach, NVEmpire Ranch GC
Doerr, K. / Bessert, B.  
Doerr, KevinElko, NVRuby View GC
Bessert, BilboElko, NevadaRuby View Golf Club-Men
Duensing, G. / Scott, T.  
Duensing, GuyCarson City, NVEagle Valley Mens Club
Scott, TroyCarson City, NVEagle Valley Mens Club
Dunn, L. / Breland, J.  
Dunn, LarryReno, NVThe Club at Arrowcreek
Breland, JohnReno, NVReno Carson GC
Garcia, R. / Bailey, J.  
Garcia, RubenElko, NevadaRuby View GC
Bailey, JimElko, NVRuby View GC
Green, R. / Schmid, R.  
Green, RickCarson City, NEVADAEagle Valley Mens Club
Schmid, RudyCarson City, NVEagle Valley Mens Club
Harris, N. / Morris, C.  
Harris, NeilElko, NVRuby View GC
Morris, ClairElko, NVRuby View GC
Haslem, T. / Landon, D.  
Haslem, ToddSpring Creek, NVSpring Creek GC
Landon, DeraySpring Creek, NVSpring Creek GC
Hassett, B. / Defevre, S.  
Hassett, BillElko, NVRuby View GC
Defevre, SeanSpring Creek, NVRuby View GC
Hassett, M. / Plunkett, T.  
Hassett, MichaelElko, NevadaRuby View Golf Club-Men
Plunkett, TimElko, NVRuby View GC
Hedges, D. / Hedges, B.  
Hedges, DanFallon, NevadaFallon Mens Club
Hedges, BillReno, NVReno Mens GC
Johnson, S. / Hillygus, E.  
Johnson, StewartReno, NVReno Men's Golf Club
Hillygus, EdYerington, NVWalker Lake GC
Leighton, L. / Lee, T.  
Leighton, LeoReno, NVSomersett CC
Lee, TomWinnemucca, NVWinnemucca Golf Club
Listerud, B. / Nelson, D.  
Listerud, BillSpring Creek, NVRuby View GC
Nelson, DougSpring Creek, NVSpring Creek Golf Club
Matzen, M. / Matzen, D.  
Matzen, MikeFallon, NVFallon Mens Club
Matzen, DaveFallon, NVFallon Mens Club
Maxwell, R. / Ambrose, W.  
Maxwell, RogerCarson City, NVEmpire Ranch GC
Ambrose, WarnerCarson City, NVEmpire Ranch GC
McCoy, K. / McDonald, R.  
McCoy, KeithReno, NVSierra Sage GC
McDonald, RobertSparks, NVWildcreek GC
Moore, M. / Moore, S.  
Moore, MarkSparks, NVSierra Sage Golf Club
Moore, ScottReno, NVSierra Sage Golf Club
Nichols, B. / Nichols, B.  
Nichols, BlaineSpring Creek, NVSpring Creek Golf Club
Nichols, BruceSpring Creek, NVSpring Creek GC
Perry, M. / Campion, K.  
Perry, MiltonFernley, NevadaFernley Mens Club
Campion, KellyFernley, NVFernley Mens Club
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