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#NameCity, StateClub Name
1Larson, S. / Berens, S.  
 Larson, ShaneMinot, NDMinot AFB Golf Course
 Berens, SteveMinot, NDMinot AFB Golf Course
2Miller, R. / Rostvedt, T.  
 Miller, RickBismarck, NDRiverwood Mens Golf Assn
 Rostvedt, TomMinot, NDSouris Valley Golf Course
3Phelps, K. / Guthrie, M.  
 Phelps, KirkMinot, NDMinot AFB Golf Course
 Guthrie, MikeMinot AFB, NDMinot AFB Golf Course
4Bakke, R. / Bakke, T.  
 Bakke, RyanMinot, NDMinot Country Club
 Bakke, TylerMinot, NDMinot Country Club
5Myhre, N. / Myhre, J.  
 Myhre, NickRolette, NDRugby Country Club
 Myhre, JayRolette, NDRolla Golf Course
6Weeks, A. / Harris, B.  
 Weeks, AaronBIsmarck, NDHawktree GC
 Harris, BrandonMinot, NDMinot Country Club
7Larson, B. / Davison, W.  
 Larson, BenjaminBismarck, North DakotaHawktree GC
 Davison, WadeMandan, NDHawktree GC
8Andrisen, P. / Kuhn, R.  
 Andrisen, PerryBismarck, NDHawktree GC
 Kuhn, RickBismarck, NDHawktree GC
9Huber, M. / Zarr, S.  
 Huber, MikeBismarck, NDHawktree GC
 Zarr, SteveMinot, NDVardon Golf Club
10Richard, D. / Montgomery, D.  
 Richard, DavidMinot, NDVardon Golf Club
 Montgomery, DanMinot, NDMinot Country Club
11Ressler, J. / Ressler, J.  
 Ressler, JamieBismarck, NDMinot Country Club
 Ressler, JoshMinot, NDMinot Country Club
12Ketterling, T. / Everson, K.  
 Ketterling, TravisDickinson, NDHeart River Golf Club
 Everson, KennyDickinson, NDHeart River Golf Club
13Otteson, G. / Baumgartner, T.  
 Otteson, GuyBismarck, NDRiverwood Mens Golf Assn
 Baumgartner, ToddBismarck, NDPrairie West Golf Course
14Redding, J. / Buen, D.  
 Redding, JustinMinot, NDVardon Golf Club
 Buen, DavidMinot, NDVardon Golf Club
15Cleveland, C. / Hyttinen, E.  
 Cleveland, ChrisWilton, NDPainted Woods Golf Course
 Hyttinen, EricWashburn, ND
16Cresap, T. / Fearing, M.  
 Cresap, ToddMinot, NDSouris Valley Golf Course
 Fearing, MitchWilliston, NDLinks of N. D.
17Haddox, J. / Septon, K.  
 Haddox, JoeMinot, NDMinot AFB Golf Course
 Septon, KennethMinot, NDMinot AFB Golf Course
18Benson, A. / Bender, J.  
 Benson, AnthonyBottineau, NDBottineau Country Club
 Bender, JoeBottineau, NDBottineau Country Club
19Bohl, B. / Bohl, B.  
 Bohl, BradyBismarck, NDHawktree GC
 Bohl, BryceBismarck, NDHawktree GC
20Jahner, W. / Jahner, J.  
 Jahner, WillyDickinson, NDHeart River Golf Club
 Jahner, JimDickinson, NDHeart River Golf Club
21Bohl, D. / Evink, J.  
 Bohl, DarinBottineau, NDBottineau Country Club
 Evink, JeffBismarck, NDHawktree GC
22Brewinski, N. / Scherr, D.  
 Brewinski, NathanGrand Forks, NDKings Walk
 Scherr, DarinMinot, NDMinot Country Club
23Fundingsland, S. / Langhans, P.  
 Fundingsland, SteveMinot, North DakotaVardon Golf Club
 Langhans, PaulMinot, NDVardon Golf Club
24Norby, M. / Wages, D.  
 Norby, MattGrand Forks, NDGrand Forks Country Club
 Wages, DuaneGrand Forks, NDGrand Forks Country Club
25Reno, T. / Stafford, M.  
 Reno, TroyBismarck, NDApple Creek Country Club
 Stafford, MitchBismarck, NDApple Creek Country Club
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