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Participant List
NameCity, StateClub Name
Adams, T. / Pennebaker, B.  
Adams, ThomasBrandon, MSCastlewoods Country Club
Pennebaker, BoHattiesburg, MSCanebrake Country Club
Alfonso, M. / Gholson, H.  
Alfonso, MarioSouthaven, MSMasters Club
Gholson II, HarrisHolly Springs, MSOld Waverly
Anderson, J. / Bryant, T.  
Anderson, Jeffrey RossNatchez, MSBeau Pre' Country Club
Bryant, TomNatchez, MSBeau Pre' Country Club
Aycock, E. / Weddington, A.  
Aycock Jr, EarlMeridian, MSNorthwood Country Club
Weddington, AlexMeridian, MSNorthwood Country Club
Blurton, E. / McBrayer, K.  
Blurton, EdMadison, MSAnnandale
McBrayer, KevinMadison, MSAnnandale Golf Club
Boltz, R. / Harmon, J.  
Boltz, RussellPurvis, MSTimberton Golf Club
Harmon, JohnHattiesburg, MSTimberton Golf Club
Bowman III, C. / Varner, J.  
Bowman III, CharlesJackson, MSCCJ
Varner, JodyJackson, MSCCJ
Bradford, C. / Ham, C.  
Bradford, ColeNatchez, MSBeau Pre' Country Club
Ham, CaseyNatchez, MSBeau Pre' C. C.
Brantley, S. / Alef, M.  
Brantley, StevePetal, MSHattiesburg CC
Alef, MikeNew Albany , MSMasters Club
Brewer, P. / Justice, M.  
Brewer, PzRidgeland, MSRandy Watkins Golf
Justice, MikeMadison, MSRandy Watkins Golf
Brian, B. / Cockrell, J.  
Brian, BubbaHattiesburg, MSHattiesburg Country Club
Cockrell, JustinHattiesburg, MSHattiesburg Country Club
Brister, F. / Taylor, M.  
Brister, FredJackson, MSCountry Club of Jackson
Taylor, MikeJackson, msCountry Club of Jackson
Brooking, G. / Byrne, B.  
Brooking, GregNatchez, MSMasters Club
Byrne, BillNatchez, MSMasters Club
Burns, H. / Coleman, B.  
Burns, HomerBrandon, MSCastlewoods Country Club
Coleman, Mr BillIndianola, MSMasters Club
Callaway, C. / Smithers, A.  
Callaway, CarterHattiesburg, MSHattiesburg Country Club
Smithers, AustinHattiesburg, MSHattiesburg Country Club
Cameron, N. / Myrick, J.  
Cameron, Nathan BHattiesburg, MSCanebrake Country Club
Myrick, JoelHattiesburg, MSCanebrake Country Club
Casey, S. / Nace, T.  
Casey, SeanHernando, MSBack Acres Country Club
Nace, ToddHattiesburg, MSCanebrake Country Club
Catoe, B. / Reed, J.  
Catoe, BoboSumner, MSClarksdale Country Club
Reed, JimBelzoni , MSSilver City Country Club
Champion, J. / Sheley, C.  
Champion, JohnHernando, MS
Sheley, ChrisNezbit, MSBack Acres CC
Chatham, G. / Pharr, M.  
Chatham, GeraldNesbit, MSBack Acres
Pharr, MikeHernando, MSBack Acres Country Club
Cole, T. / Cooper, G.  
Cole, TannySumrall, MSCanebrake CC
Cooper, GaryHattiesburg, MSCanebrake Country Club
Coleman, D. / Cowser, R.  
Coleman, DonPetal, MSTimberton Golf Club
Cowser, RonnyHattiesburg, MSTimberton Golf Club
Collins, A. / Smith, M.  
Collins, AaronMagee, MSMasters Club
Smith, MitchellMount Olive , MSMagee country club
Darby, M. / Lee, K.  
Darby, MikeHattiesburg, MSHattiesburg Country Club
Lee, KenHattiesburg, MSHattiesburg CC
Denton, T. / Lusk, III, H.  
Denton, TreyMadison, MSDeerfield Golf Club
Lusk, III, HalMadison, MSAnnandale Golf Club
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Waiting List / Pending Queue
NameCity, StateClub Name
Boswell, R. / Palmer, D.  
Boswell, RodneyLyon, MSClarksdale Country Club
Palmer, DamonTupelo, msThe Natchez Trace Golf Club
Garner, J. / Helton, R.  
Garner, JohnPetal, MSHattiesburg Country Club
Helton, RoyPetal, MSPine Creek CC
Golden, T. / Ross, D.  
Golden, TomGulfport, MSWindance Country Club
Ross, DavidBiloxi, MSHickory Hills Golf Club
Haynes, J. / Coleman, D.  
Haynes, JackRidgeland, MSReunion Golf & Country Club
Coleman, DavidMadison, MSAnnandale Golf Club
Team 8  
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