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Participant List
NameCity, StateClub Name
Arrowhead Golf Club  
O'Donnell, PatrickHappy Valley, ORArrowhead Golf Club
Taylor, DennyGladstone, ORArrowhead Golf Club
Cheremnov, DanielHubbard, ORArrowhead Golf Club
Taylor, ScottLake Oswego, ORArrowhead Golf Club
Bend Golf & Country Club  
Rice, CharlieBend, ORBend Golf & Country Club
Ward, JeffBend, ORBend Golf & Country Club
Gordon, JoshBend, ORBend Golf & Country Club
Crownover, RyanBend, ORBend Golf & Country Club
Broadmoor Golf Club  
Rome, RichSherwood, ORBroadmoor Golf Club
Alford, ScottCamas, WABroadmoor Golf Club
Anderson, DavidPortland, ORBroadmoor Golf Club
Verbanic, MikeTigard, ORBroadmoor Golf Club
Camas Meadows Golf Club  
Egert, WesCamas, WACamas Meadows Golf Club
Tubbs, DaleCamas, WACamas Meadows Golf Club
Pang, GeorgeCamas, WACamas Meadows Golf Club
Bergren, Mr. NickVancouver, WACamas Meadows Golf Club
Chehalem Glenn Golf Club  
Greller, TomNewberg, ORChehalem Glenn Golf Club
Purser, AaronNewberg, ORChehalem Glenn Golf Club
Rayas, MaurisioLake Oswego, ORChehalem Glenn Golf Club
Plusquellec, AlanSherwood, ORChehalem Glenn Golf Club
Columbia Edgewater Country Club  
Dukeminier, JackBeaverton, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Kloenne, MichaelWest Linn, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Collopy, SeanPortland, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Poletiek, JayPortland, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Columbia Edgewater Country Club #2  
Hval, ScottPortland, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Puterbaugh, RexPortland, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Klopp, TaylorPortland, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Dunlap, JimTigard, ORColumbia Edgewater Country Club
Crosswater Club  
Swenson, SteinBend, ORCrosswater Club
Watson, CarltonBend, ORCrosswater Club
Griswold, CharleyBend, ORCrosswater Club
Sollers, GregSunriver, ORCrosswater Club
Eastmoreland Golf Club  
Downes, WilliamPortland, OREastmoreland Golf Club
Patton, ByronTigard, OREastmoreland Golf Club
Schneider, JackOregon City, OREastmoreland Golf Club
Sawyer, ChadLake Oswego, OREastmoreland Golf Club
Emerald Valley Golf Club  
Green, CalvinSpringfield, OREmerald Valley Golf Club
Polski, ChrisEugene, OREmerald Valley Golf Club
Miller, DayneCreswell, OREmerald Valley Golf Club
Qualman, JohnEugene, OREmerald Valley Golf Club
Forest Hills Golf Club  
Evanson, WadeHillsboro, ORForest Hills Golf Club
Ooley, DaveForest Grove, ORForest Hills Golf Club
Dement, DougHillsboro, ORForest Hills Golf Club
Klinkenberg, PhilHillsboro, ORForest Hills Golf Club
Heron Lakes Golf Club  
Gustafson, JeffVancouver, WAHeron Lakes Golf Club
Hudson, ChrisPortland, ORHeron Lakes Golf Club
Newcombe, MattRidgefield, WAHeron Lakes Golf Club
Owens, DavidPortland, ORHeron Lakes Golf Club
Heron Lakes Golf Club #2  
Johnson, CodyPortland, ORHeron Lakes Golf Club
Click, JackGresham, ORHeron Lakes Golf Club
Swearer, BjVancouver, WAHeron Lakes Golf Club
Christophersen, LornePortland, ORHeron Lakes Golf Club
Meriwether Golf Club  
Kudlicka, KurtHillsboro, ORMeriwether Golf Club
Paldi, TylerBeaverton, ORMeriwether Golf Club
Bowler, MarkPortland, ORMeriwether Golf Club
Lydell, DavidAloha, ORMeriwether Golf Club
Nw Golf Guys Players Club  
Welch, ZacharyPortland, ORNw Golf Guys Players Club
Wood, JasonPortland, ORNW Golf Guys
Cashmere II, DanHillsboro, ORMeriwether Golf Club
Berry, RandyBend, ORNw Golf Guys Players Club
Oswego Lake Country Club  
Seabaugh, BlakeTigard, OROswego Lake Country Club
Riter, JCPortland, OROswego Lake Country Club
Jennings, PeterLake Oswego, OROswego Lake Country Club
Heckler, TomLake Oswego, OROswego Lake Country Club
Persimmon Country Club  
Hendershot, TylerGresham, ORPersimmon Country Club
Lindow, BobGresham, ORPersimmon Country Club
Sorenson, ChadClackamas, ORPersimmon Country Club
Cooley, BarryHappy Valley, ORPersimmon Country Club
Portland Golf Club  
Paul, TravisPortland, ORPortland Golf Club
Zupan, TomPortland, ORPortland Golf Club
Shepard, ChrisPortland, ORPortland Golf Club
Waddell, KevinPortland, ORPortland Golf Club
Riverside Golf & Country Club  
Whitman, JayRiverside Golf & Country Club
Wagner, JakePortland, ORRiverside Golf & Country Club
Hartley, MattVancouver, WARiverside Golf & Country Club
Johansen, MikeVancouver, WashingtonRiverside Golf & Country Club
Rock Creek Country Club  
Blauer, NateBeaverton, ORRock Creek Country Club
Spicher, SamBeaverton, ORRock Creek Country Club
Popov, DimitreHillsboro, ORNwgolfguys.Com Golf Club
Vinceri, VincePortland, ORRock Creek Country Club
Rose City Golf Club  
Yano, NoahHappy Valley, ORRose City Golf Club
Fery, RyanBeaverton, ORRose City Golf Club
Hanson, MichaelPortland, ORBroadmoor Golf Club
Fanning, TroyHillsboro, ORRose City Golf Club
Royal Oaks Country Club  
Young, KaseyVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
O'Neal, JakeVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Romano, JonathanVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Karns, BradVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Royal Oaks Country Club #2  
De La Torre, GastonLa Center, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Hart, JayVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Romano, KorbanVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Johnson, IanVancouver, WARoyal Oaks Country Club
Stone Creek Golf Club  
Gabriel, TylerBeaverton, ORStone Creek Golf Club
Paresi, TerryOregon City, ORStone Creek Golf Club
Easterly, JakeStone Creek Golf Club
Carver, ScottPortland, ORStone Creek Golf Club
Waverley Country Club  
Grissinger, StanPortland, ORWaverley Country Club
Banks, JonathanPortland, ORPronghorn Golf Club
Johnson, PeterPortland, ORWaverley Country Club
Eddy, JimPortland, ORWaverley Country Club
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